Setup SAML SSO with ADFS (JIRA) 0.14.X - 0.14.4

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This setup guide describes how to complete the initial setup for SAML Single Sign On (SSO) for JIRA with ADFS, applicable till plugin version 0.14.4.To authenticate JIRA Service Desk customers, additional configuration is required, view guideIf you need any further support please feel free to contact us here.

Step1 Install the plugin
Step2 Setup the ADFS (A-E)
Step3 Configure the Plugin (A-B)
Step4 Test
Step5 Enable login redirection

The video below is an installation guide for setting up SAML SSO for Confluence (URL: As the steps are nearly identical with configuring the plugin for JIRA, it can be of great help for setting up the plugin. 


Step 1: Install the plugin 

Click Add-ons under JIRA Administration on the top right corner of your JIRA interface. Then, you will be taken to Atlassian Marketplace. Search for SAML SSO and click on Free Trial to install. 

After installation succeeded, click on Manage, then choose Configure. Now, you are on the plugin configuration page. 


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